Revolutionising Hair Repair with Olaplex

Olaplex, hailing from California, USA, is not just a product, but a complete system that works to repair broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

Used as a salon treatment or as a regular maintenance product at home, it’s gained popularity among professionals and consumers alike for its restorative properties. Hare and Fawn use Olaplex because it aligns with our dedication to providing treatments that not only beautify but also maintain and improve the health of your hair.

How it works

We often use Olaplex in conjunction with a colour service. However, this incredible treatment can also be done on its own.

While there are eight products in the Olaplex series, each contributing to the overall process of hair rejuvenation, the Olaplex process consists of three key steps:

  • Step 1: This step involves a solution being applied directly to your hair (it may also be added to the colour used during your colour service to protect your hair’s bonds during the colouring process).
  • Step 2: The next lot of solution is then applied at the basin, either directly on top of step one’s solution, or after the colour is rinsed. This step restores your hair, ensuring a strengthened and softened state.
  • Step 3: This step is the maintenance part of the program which you’re responsible for at home. This step is crucial to protect your hair between salon visits. The treatment will break down if step three isn’t used consistently (once a week is ideal) and your hair will return to the previous state.

Carrying out these three steps successfully can result in a major difference in the shine, softness, and strength of your hair. If you’re looking for hair growth and a reduction in breakage, then Olaplex is definitely worth a try!

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