Hair Health Treatments and Smoothing Treatments

Radiant locks begin with nourished hair

 Our diverse range of treatments is designed with your hair’s optimal health and beauty in mind. From hair health treatments to specialised hair smoothing treatments, we have a large range of the best treatments available to help your hair look its best.  

Whether you want to elevate your hair’s vitality and natural texture, need a reparative treatment or seek to eliminate frizz and tame your tresses, you can trust our dedicated Queanbeyan hair stylists to make it happen for you.


If you’re considering pairing a hair treatment with another service at our Quenbeyan hair salon, kindly inform us when booking. This ensures we set aside ample time, allowing you to enjoy the complete Hare and Fawn experience.

Hair consultation and assessment



15-Minute Consultation
A perfect opportunity to meet your stylist, discuss your hair goals, lifestyle and budget and ask any questions you have.

Receive a personalised hair plan and quote along with maintenance guidelines for your desired look.
($25 of which is redeemable on a future booking if you make a booking at the end of your consultation)
Hair Treatments, Smoothing Treatments and Perms


Short Hair

Medium Hair

Long Hair

Extra-Long Hair

BKT Smoothing Treatment $368 $446 $490 $535
K-18 Steps 1 & 2 in addition to another service $73
Kevin Murphy Treat Me in addition to another service $55
Olaplex/Vitaplex Step 1 and 2 in addition to another service $59 $59 $73 $73
Olaplex/Vitaplex Step 2 in addition to another service $45

Hair length specifications

To help you understand our pricing better, it’s important to know that we base most of our haircut rates on your hair length. Here’s a quick guide to determining your hair’s length, in terms of our services.

Please be aware that exceptionally long or extra thick hair might incur added charges due to the necessity for more time and product.


Hair that doesn’t extend below your ears is classified as short hair.


Hair that rests below the ears but remains above the shoulders falls under the medium-length hair category.


Hair that spans from shoulder-length to midway down your back is considered long hair.


Hair that flows beyond the mid-point of your back is termed extra-long.

The foundation of lustrous hair

At Hare and Fawn, we believe that the essence of truly gorgeous hair lies in its health and vitality. Hair health treatments serve as a restorative elixir, designed to rejuvenate and bolster the innate strength and lustre of your tresses. 

While there are many products available in stores, nothing matches the potency and precision of a professional salon treatment, tailored just for you.

The key to choosing the perfect hair treatment goes beyond just hair type. It’s about truly addressing your hair’s unique needs. That’s where our wonderful team at our Queanbeyan hair salon come in. 

From hydration and repair to scalp health or a rejuvenating nutrient infusion, our experienced stylists are here to help you discern exactly what your locks are longing for.

From frizz to fabulous

Seeking a transformation from frizzy or unruly tresses to sleek, polished locks? Hair smoothing treatments could be your answer, designed not only to combat unwanted frizz but also to imbue your hair with a glossy, silken touch. It’s a hair treatment essential for those desiring straighter, more manageable hair without the daily battle.

At Hare and Fawn, we adhere to a credo of gentle care: We would only recommend hair treatments that we’d confidently embrace for our own hair. Understanding the damage and potential disappointment of traditional permanent hair straightening, we’ve steered towards more nurturing alternatives.

If you’re looking for a quality hair smoothing treatment in Queanbeyan, we offer two exceptional options on offer at Hare and Fawn. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment. These treatments promise a remarkable transformation, smoothing frizzy hair by as much as 95%, with enduring results that can last up to five months.

Beyond their transformative outcomes, these treatments are a testament to safety and health, being both formaldehyde-free and remarkably nourishing for your hair.


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