The art of personalised hair styling

Whether you’re after a flawless weekly blow dry, a well-deserved pampering, or a captivating look for an upcoming event, our experienced team provides exclusive personalised hair styling in Queanbeyan to bring your vision to life.

Unwind with a glass of sparkling wine, a latte, or herbal tea, and enjoy a moment for you at Hare and Fawn.



Short Hair

Medium Hair

Long Hair

Extra-Long Hair

Wash and Blow Dry $75 $105 $135 $135
Wash and Curl/Glamour Blow Dry $105 $105 $135 $135
Up-Style $145 $217 $290 $326

Hair length specifications

To help you understand our pricing better, it’s important to know that we base most of our haircut rates on your hair length. Here’s a quick guide to determining your hair’s length, in terms of our services.

Please be aware that exceptionally long or extra thick hair might incur added charges due to the necessity for more time and product.


Hair that doesn’t extend below your ears is classified as short hair.


Hair that rests below the ears but remains above the shoulders falls under the medium-length hair category.


Hair that spans from shoulder-length to midway down your back is considered long hair.


Hair that flows beyond the mid-point of your back is termed extra-long.


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